Generational Healing Mass, September 25

Sep 9, 2021

On September 25, there will be a talk on healing by Fr. Steve Mattson, followed by a Mass for generational healing. The event will begin at 10:30am and finish around 12:30pm.

A Mass for Generational Healing is a wonderful way for families to experience freedom from the effects of sin and trauma which have plagued their family lines.

Many of us are conscious of a cycle of sin and suffering peculiar to our own family. We observe that there is a repeated pattern of certain sins or weaknesses. We know that God wants our family ties to be healthy and for us to pass down good things to our children, but we also know that these same ties can also convey spiritual brokenness and woundedness.

The healing power of the Eucharist is richly documented in the life of the Church.

The Church also asks us to pray for the deceased members of our families that they may be purified and enter their heavenly rest. In the Generational Healing Mass we pray for ourselves, as the living, that we may be freed from sin within our family tree, and also that our beloved dead would be freed and purified from their earthly sins. Most especially we pray to be able to forgive our family members and to be released from the any of the results of their actions which continues to play out in our lives, including the debilitating effect of resentment and judgment of others.

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