Can we let God love us?

Homily Series: Healing

It is love that God desires not sacrifice.

God will heal us, bind our wounds and raise us up. It is love that he desires not sacrifice. The Samaritan woman tried to get love but couldn’t because she was broken and needed healing. It’s not that we need to try harder to stamp out sin, to let God love us. Instead we need to let him be God. God wants to heal us, out of love for us. We sin, in order to protect ourselves from love – either receiving it or giving it.

Some people are so trapped in their patterns of self-protection that they can’t admit that they need healing. What you hoped for is really possible. We can be free of fear of what other people think, not doing good works out of compulsion or guilt, but out of love. That doesn’t work.

The Lord wants more for us: freedom, peace and joy. Can we let God love us and love others through us? The one who humbles himself and acknowledge his wounds will be exalted.

Prayer for healing is an opportunity to be healed here in this life, rather than waiting for Purgatory.

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