Healing Prayer Sessions

At the Church of the Resurrection we consider healing to be an important part of the spiritual growth of every individual. In fact, healing and holiness amount to the same thing because it is impossible to enter heaven without being completely whole. To that end we have several ways in which parishioners can engage in the healing journey, including Healing Prayer Sessions.

What happens at a Healing Prayer Session?

A team of two people (usually a man and a woman) will pray with you to receive whatever healing God chooses to give you. You will be given the opportunity to use prayers which will help you to open up more deeply to God. All of the members of the Healing Prayer teams have been trained in in-depth prayer ministry by the John Paul II Healing Center in Florida.

A good resource for all of us to review before our Healing Prayer Session is this handout: Renouncing Lies & Deadly Sins and Announcing the Truth (pdf).

If you are interested, click here learn more about our Healing Ministry.

How Do I Sign Up for a Session?

Would you like to sign up for a Healing Prayer Session? Follow this link to our HealingPrayer Session sign up form. We look forward to praying with you!

Our Healing Prayer Session scheduling system provides a 2-week rolling schedule for Healing Prayer Session sign-ups. This ensures that no one has to wait more than two weeks for a session. If all session slots in the next two weeks seem to be filled, simply wait until the following day(s) and something should become available near the end of the 2-week time period. If the times listed don’t work for you, please contact us to see if we can arrange and alternate time. You should sign up for no more than one Healing Prayer Session per month using the link below.

Questions? Please email [email protected].

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