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One way to serve the Lord at our parish is by serving on parish councils or commissions or other leadership positions. For many years, we have had a Parish Pastoral Council and a Finance Council, and one active commission, the School Commission. In the fall, we are planning to establish two additional commissions: the Worship and Liturgy Commission and the Evangelization and Discipleship Commission.

We are inviting members of the parish to prayerfully consider nominating themselves for one of these commissions or councils. All members of these councils and commissions need to be active members of our parish who are also fully-initiated (baptized & confirmed) Catholics in good standing with the Church.

The Parish Pastoral Council will review the applications at their next meeting, so I invite individuals to submit applications (for this round) no later than June 19, 2023. If you have questions about this process or the work of the various commissions and councils, please let me or Sara DeWitt know.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastor’s charge is for the entire territory (parish) under his charge, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. The parish pastoral council advises the pastor concerning these pastoral matters just as the finance council advises the pastor concerning financial matters. The laity’s role is to use their knowledge of the community to advise the pastor concerning pastoral matters.

Current Church of the Resurrection Parish Pastoral Council Articles of Understanding

Finance Council

The parish finance council advises and gives consent to the pastor regarding the temporal goods of the parish. The Finance Council reviews financial data, gives advice, approves budgets and helps ensure the financial well-being of the parish and ministries.

Evangelization & Discipleship Commission

The purpose of the Evangelization and Discipleship Commission is to advise and give input on the development and implementation of evangelistic outreach initiatives, formation programs, and events that enhance the spiritual, social, and cultural ethos of the parish.

Evangelization and Discipleship Charge Statement

Worship & Liturgy Commission

The purpose of the Worship and Liturgy Commission is to advise and give input on the development and implementation of liturgies, worship, and formation related to liturgy and worship in order to help members of the parish and community encounter the love of God through the liturgical and worship life of the parish.

Worship and Liturgy Commission Charge Statement

School Commission

The purpose of the school commission is to advise the principal on matters related to the operation of the school including, but not limited to: safety, fund-raising/development, technology, educational law, marketing/recruitment/enrollment, curriculum purchases, religious education, funding, physical plant issues, policy development and athletics/student enrichment activities.

School Commission Charge Statement

Application for service on Councils/Commissions

Fully initiated members of the Church of the Resurrection are invited to apply for potential appointment to Church of the Resurrection Councils and Commissions using the Application. The completed applications will be reviewed and approved by the Parish Pastoral Council. Please note that advisory bodies, such as the Parish Pastoral Council and the various commissions, exist to serve the parish as advisors to the pastor. As such, it is the pastor’s responsibility alone to make the final decision. The Finance Council, on the contrary, does have specific authority to approve budgets and to make decisions about extraordinary expenditures.

To apply:

1) Print out the application (pdf attachment)

2) Complete it and sign it

3) Drop off the application to the parish office or scan it and email it to Sara DeWitt, Director of Parish Operations.

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