2024 Sanctuary Renovations

A transformation is occuring at the Church of the Resurrection! Thanks to your wonderful support, we are blessed to take this big step to beautify our Sanctuary! Take a look at the progress and learn about any changes that might affect daily parish life. Renovations are expected to take place over the summer (2024) through the fall.

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6/1 | More Framing and Arches
The framing of the sanctuary is nearly complete. Cement bases have been placed in the St. Joseph and Blessed Virgin Mary niches, as well. The wiring has been roughed-in, and we are waiting for the fixtures to arrive. Please continue to pray for the workers and supply chain issues for the various elements needed for the renovation.

5/25 | Framing and Arches
The framing of the sanctuary continues. I'm going to include some pictures below of the framing in process. Plaster will be applied to this framing to get the columns and arches in place. I have included a few outside shots, which reveal the way that the arches and the design of the pillars has continuity between the outside and the inside. After the arches and walls have been completed, the beams for the coffered ceiling will begin to be worked on. In coming weeks housings for the five new pendant fixtures will be installed and the terrazzo flooring will be ground and polished. Please keep praying for the project.

5/4 | Another Early Morning Cement Pour
Yesterday, the crew was back to complete the steps for the sanctuary and to pour the ramps for access on the east and west sides for access to the statues of St. Mary and St. Joseph. Here are a few shots of the progress this past week. The abatement is complete in the sanctuary (altar) area

4/27 | An Early Morning Cement Pour
Years ago, part of the raised platform that housed the altar rail was removed to make room for the "in the round" pew arrangement. As you know, we will be returning to the original layout of the pews, and returning the altar/communion/prayer rail for use devotionally and for reception of communion. We're also moving the sanctuary out into the nave, which required a significant cement pour. The pour began Friday morning at 5:30 a.m. I came to see them work, and snapped some pictures. The pump moved 14 yards of concrete in just under an hour. There will be some additional cement work to put in ramps on the east and west ends near the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph statues, and adding another step in front of the sanctuary. That will happen next week. The walls throughout the church have been cleaned and the ceiling in the sanctuary is being purged of asbestos in anticipation of the new structural components for the ceiling and the pillars. Please keep praying for the workers and our staff as we navigate the challenges of the renovation. Thanks! See below for some from the cement pour yesterday.

4/15 | Renovation has Begun
Thanks to all those who helped us clear out the pews and get ready in the church for the renovation work, that has begun apace. Thanks also to the great team who got Mercy Hall ready for daily Masses, and those who helped us get things started on Sundays at Lansing Catholic High School.

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