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Resurrection Magazine

Fr. Steve's Blog

"Renouncing Lies and Announcing Truth" Handout (Download a PDF)

Blessings to Protect from Common Wounds (Download a PDF)

"Prayer of Forgiveness" Process (Download a PDF)

"Prayers of Blessing" Document
Follow this link to learn about and download the seven prayers of blessing that you can pray with your spouse, children, parents, other family members and friends.

Virtual Healing Encounter Song Set (Download a PDF)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Devotion (PDF of Side A, PDF of Side B)

Order of the Mass, with Responses (Download a PDF)

Daily Mass Readings (Link)

Spiritual Communion Prayer (Download a PDF)

Prayer for our Diocese
Let us pray that every person within the Catholic Diocese of Lansing and the Church of the Resurrection will come to know and love our Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way, grow in maturity as a disciple of Christ, become actively engaged in the full life of the Church, and joyfully utilize his or her gifts for the building up of the Kingdom of God and the salvation of souls.


Homily Archive

Resurrection Life Podcast

Formation Course Video Archive

Lumen Veritatis Lecture Videos

Video Blog: On Catholic Culture & on the Catechism

Video Course on Prayer

Altar Server Training Video
Follow this link to view the official Church of the Resurrection Altar Server training video if you are interested in serving.

"Generational Healing" Talk
Follow this link to listen to a talk Fr. Steve gave on Generational Healing.

"Clergy Abuse Crisis" Homily Series
Follow this link to listen to a five-part homily series about the 2018 Clergy Abuse Crisis in Pennsylvania.


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