Resurrection Life Podcast

Welcome to Resurrection Life Podcast, the official podcast of the Church of the Resurrection!

The aim of Resurrection Life Podcast is to provide inspiring, formative and cultural content for our parishioners, and listeners in general, in a versatile form that can be listened to anywhere. Each episode is in 3 segments: a conversation or interview by the hosts Fr. Steve Mattson and Richard Budd, on some aspect of living as a Christian in the modern world; a reflection by Sean O’Neill on scripture, prayer or the life of the Spirit; and a culture segment which may comprise poetry, music or other content.

The podcast covers how to live out our Christian life in a vibrant and life-giving way, how to foster healthy Catholic culture, how to enter more deeply into the life of holiness we are called to, and how to understand what the Lord is calling us to in the first place. Podcast episodes are published every two weeks and each episode lasts about 45 minutes. If you are signed up to receive our e-newsletter, you will receive our latest episodes in your inbox.

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