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We are so glad you're here and want to find a great community. Resurrection is just the place to foster life-long friendships. There are lots of ways to start getting to know other people who share similar interests to you! Contact us if you need help finding the right ministry for you!


Welcome Ministry
Our Welcome Ministry wants everyone who comes to the Church of the Resurrection to know they are most welcome. We would love to meet you! Are you new to Resurrection? We are glad you are here! Please register with the parish and contact Meredith Spalding at the parish office, (517) 482-4749, for more information about how you might get involved.

Coffee & Donuts | Cafe
Are you looking for a way to meet other parishioners? Join us each week for the always popular "Coffee & Donuts" and "Cafe." "Coffee & Donuts" are served in Mercy Hall after all Sunday masses. Typically, our "Cafe" lunch takes place after the 11/11:30am Sunday Mass (not during the pandemic). At both of these weekly events, you can meet parishioners in a relaxed atmosphere, make friends, and find out more about what goes on at the Church of the Resurrection. There is no cost for either of these events, but please consider making a donation to help offset costs.

Young Families & Couples
Resurrection Young Families and Couples exists to promote Christ-centered families by providing social and spiritual activities that serve as a platform for relationship-building, mutual support, and fellowship. Our focus is on the needs and issues of newly married couples and families with children, newborn to 8th grade. Follow the link above to learn more.

Moms Group
The Moms Group is a Catholic group of women striving to grow in our faith, fall more deeply in love with our Lord, and support each other in our marriages and parenting. If you are a mom, have a mom, or want to be a mom, you are more than welcome to join us. We have small groups that get together and some who just follow us on our Moms Group Facebook page. We have some holy men that share with us as well. Some of us are married, some not. We are all part of the growing family of believers at Church of the Resurrection. Welcome...we look forward growing with you! If you have questions, contact Maria Carlin at [email protected].

Men's Breakfast
The Men's Breakfast is held on the first Wednesday of each month. The events begin with Mass at 6:30am, and then the group heads over to Mercy Hall for breakfast and fellowship. The other Wednesdays of the month, the group meets in Mercy hall (doors open at 6:15am). All events conclude at 7:30am. This is open to all men of the parish. The morning is centered on prayer and fellowship. Many of the men participate together each year in programs such as Exodus 90.

The King's Men
The King’s Men is an accountability group committed to promoting purity in an age that rejects the Christian view of morality. The dangers of the internet threaten the life God has called us to as men and distort the true nature of human sexuality. Many men have become enslaved by addiction and The King’s Men group provides a way out through the mutual support of small groups, shared Christian values, prayer and practical help. For more information and to join, follow the link above.

Connect Groups
As a parish, we have run Alpha Courses many times. But, after Alpha, what’s next? Here is the answer to that question! Alpha Alumni or those who have been part of an Encounter Retreat, like Cursillo or the Life in the Spirit Seminars, or those who complete the Resurrection Life course, are invited to consider becoming part of a “Connect Group.” These mid-sized groups offer an opportunity to again experience some of the best elements of Alpha: eating together, prayer, open sharing, and friendship. Connect Groups are a great way to build relationships, grow closer to Christ and get connected. Connect Groups meet in a host family's home every two weeks, and they are made up of 20-30 people, including children. Each meeting follows a similar schedule, usually beginning at 6pm and ending at 8:30pm. If you have been part of Alpha or a similar evangelistic, discussion-based seminar or retreat, and would like more information about Connect Groups, please send Chris Spalding a message at [email protected].

i.d.9:16's mission is to form young adults (in their 20s & 30s) into intentional disciples of Jesus Christ through the pillars of conversion, community, orthodoxy, and mission. Our monthly gathering happens on the first Thursday of the month and includes Mass, a delicious meal, a live-streamed talk, and great fellowship. A list of events, including the venue, the topic for each evening, and the speaker, can be found on the i.d.9:16 website. Please note, childcare is now available! Come along and spend time meeting new friends and sharing the Christian life with others! Contact Anna Biewer at [email protected] with questions or visit the i.d.9:16 Facebook page.


Ox Roast Festival
Our annual Ox Roast Festival is a fundraiser and a community-building event at Resurrection each September. Good food, bakes sales, carnival games for the kids, police & fire department vehicle tours, raffles, a pub, and a DJ are some of the features of this fun and eventful weekend event. This is a great way to get to know other parishioners! Check out the Resurrection Ox Roast Festival on Facebook.

Parish-wide Ceili Dance
Every March, we invite McCartney Irish Dance Company to lead us in a dance demonstration and a chance to learn some simple Irish Ceili Dances, with easy-to-follow instructions. The night includes a potluck dinner.

Burying the Alleluia
Because we do not sing the Alleluia between Tuesday evening's Mass before Ash Wednesday and the Easter Vigil, we decided as a parish to adopt a tradition that some parishes keep, which is the "burying" of the Alleluia. Burying the Alleluia is an old tradition to say 'goodbye' to Alleluia during Lent. You can read a bit about this tradition at the New Liturgical Movement. This is a great opportunity to prepare for Ash Wednesday and your annual Lenten journey.

St. Nicholas Bake Sale
Bring your relatives, friends, and neighbors to the St. Nicholas Bake Sale each December in Mercy Hall. Friends and parishioners of Church of the Resurrection bring in homemade goodies of all kinds, cookies, pies, candies, and others for this weekend event! The proceeds for our bake sale are divided between our parish and school. We look forward to seeing you at the St. Nicholas Bake Sale each year!

Heritage Cookie Class
Come learn each December to make imprinted Christmas cookies using original antique carved wood molds and museum copies of Nativity scenes, St. Nicholas and other molds as old as the 1500s with parishioner Susanna Tellschow-Wagner coaching you in imprinting European gingerbread, springerle, and other cookies. There are typically several small presentations and a hands-on drop-in workshop in the Mercy Hall kitchen.

For more information, please contact the parish office at (517) 482-4749 or send a message using the link below.

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