Adult Choir

The adult choir at the Church of the Resurrection was founded in 1922. Over the years the choir has flourished under the direction of prominent Lansing-area musicians such as Ursala Klein (sister of Menard Klein, director of Music at U of M), Williams Rowan, and others and has provided choral music of the highest caliber and beauty to enrich the worship of the Eucharist. The choir's repertoire focuses on music from the deep choral tradition of the Catholic Church, ranging from pieces from the earliest chant manuscripts, through well-known early composers such as Palestrina, Byrd and Bach/Mozart as well as more contemporary composers such as Arvo Pärt and John Taverner. In current years, in keeping with Resurrection's focus on re-introducing some of the original language and traditions of the Church, the adult choir has also incorporated more chant into its weekly repertoire in addition to singing the Latin propers once a month along with the Men’s and Women’s Scholas.

The volunteer auditioned choir sings at the Sunday 11 am mass. Rehearsals are every Wednesday at 7 pm, and Sunday morning at 10 am. Rehearsals emphasize beautiful choral singing as well as the sharpening of technical skills such as sight-reading and vocal production.

New members are always welcome and should contact Director David Stattelman for more information using the link below.

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