88th Annual Ox Roast Festival

Sep 8
Sep 10

Join us for the 88th Annual Ox Roast Festival!

FRI, SEPT 8th, 4 - 11pm

SAT, SEPT 9th, 4 - 11pm

SUN, SEPT 10th, NOON - 4pm

Featuring the original Ox Roast Sandwich and delicious homemade soup, this event includes a pub with DJ entertainment!

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Located outside of Mercy Hall, 1505 E. Michigan Avenue, Lansing.

As we anticipate the Ox Roast festival, please consider volunteering for a shift or more. We see this as an outreach to our community, a celebration of our parish, and a fundraiser. If you’re able to help out, please reach out to one of the co-chairs for the Ox Roast Committee to arrange for a time or times to volunteer. Thanks in advance for giving some time in service to the community and our parish.

Thanks to John Gordon and Marisol Hennig for their leadership, yet again. To contact them, email [email protected] and [email protected]

Volunteers are needed to run the carnival games. Learn more here.

Ox Roast Team

Food Service: Russ & Marcia Pate ([email protected])

Kitchen: Mike Vasievich ([email protected]), Dan Fell ([email protected]), and Jason Mendiola ([email protected])

Miscellaneous Raffle: Don Gardner ([email protected]) and Cindi Currie ([email protected])

Shamrock Pub : Joel Stanewich ([email protected])

Tent Concessions: Loren & Mary DeYoung ([email protected])

Ticket Booth: Mickie Kreft ([email protected])

50-50 Drawings: Maxine Murdoch ([email protected])

Bake Sale: Kathleen Sears ([email protected])

Children’s Games: Angela Krause ([email protected])

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