A new covenant through the death of Jesus

Homily Series: Healing

God is at work, so give thanks in all circumstances.

Jesus revealed his glory through miracles but most of all in his ultimate sacrifice on the cross. Jesus doesn’t reject us because we are fickle, even though we human beings killed him.

In the first reading from Jeremiah, the Lord calls the prophet to speak to the people knowing that they will not listen. God is calling the people of Israel back to him, just as he calls us. Like the Israelites we run after worldly things, even as God calls us to a future of hope.

God is at work whatever comes, therefore we should give thanks in all circumstances. God has made a new covenant with his people through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, thus freeing us from the tyranny of sin. He has given us his Spirit, which we have received in baptism. Jesus does not call us servants but friends. He is close to us, feeling our pain loving us towards himself. Jesus wants to heal us.

Fr. Steve mentions the Mass next Saturday for healing of the family tree, preceded by a talk by Dr. Bob Schuchts.

There a three categories of generational wounds covered at this event:

  • Any unusual or violent deaths in your family (including repeated miscarriages), attempted suicides.
  • Evidence of occult or satanic influence – fortune telling etc.
  • Sexual sins.

God longs to forgive us and to draw us out of the wasteland of sin in our lives and in the lives of our forebears.

In his post-communion comments Fr. Steve shares from the lives of his own forebears in order to demonstrate how God can bring good out of evil. We have so much dignity as human beings that Jesus never stops pursuing us in order to make us whole. Will we let him?

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