Abuse of authority and its punishment

Homily Series: Accountability
Homily Series: Clergy Abuse Crisis

Lord, with love, purify your Church, beginning with me.

In the Gospel today we hear the parable Jesus told about the wicked servant who takes advantage of those left under his care, and the punishment he received for his actions. Fr. Steve draws a parallel between that story and the current clergy abuse crisis, in which those in authority have sinned against those in their care.

Fr. Steve quotes from an essay written in 2000 by Fr. Paul Mankowski, S.J., who says that bishops are at more risk of damnation than others because of the weight of their responsibility to preach the truth and protect the flock. The essay goes onto urge that, for the salvation of their own souls bishops who refuse to address sexual sin in themselves or in their clergy should resign and repent publicly. (The essay can be found online HERE.)

Fr. Steve encourages us to write to the bishop to demand that if he knows of clergy in the diocese who have acted inappropriately in this matter, he should ask for their resignation.

In his post-communion comments Fr. Steve notes that many prelates remain silent about the unfolding scandal, and asks for our prayers that he will continue to speak the truth in love.

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