An Exhortation to Humility

Homily Series: The Normal Christian Life

Fr. Steve's homily from the Holy Land.

Fr. Steve focuses on the second reading of this Sunday, from St. Paul to the Philippians, urging us to have the same attitude as Christ.

The Lord knows us and sees us in our sin and pride, jockeying for position, and He still loves us. But He wants us to lay that all aside. He wants us to take Christ as our example, who, although he was in the form of God, showed humility in taking our human form. Jesus was obedient even unto death, and because of that He was exalted. Tax collectors and sinners are entering the kingdom before the proud. We need to become more like Jesus, yielding to the Father in humility. We may think we know what is good for us. But God has our lives in His hands and wants us to submit to His loving plan for our lives. We must outdo each other in humility, so that we might be honored in heaven and one day be exalted.

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