Be vigilant!

Homily Series: Accountability

Are we ready to be judged?

Fr. Steve reiterates the exhortation from today’s readings to be vigilant until the day that the Lord returns. He is merciful and so we should all cling to him. He will surely come back one day, but he will come as judge. Let us not presumptuously assume that we are all going to get to heaven. We will be held to account for what we have done in our lives. We need to acknowledge our need for repentance and more holiness.

The prophecies from the book of Daniel predict the end times. Don’t the times we are living through feel like the end times? Perhaps. Regardless, we must live as though it were. The time for pretense is over. We must live as we hope we would have lived when we come before the Lord for judgment. Are we, as Jesus warns us, following the narrow path to heaven or the broad path to hell.

The key is to be intentional about our life of faith, about our relationship with the Lord, about our witness to his life in us. Will only a few end up in hell? According to the apparitions of Our Lady, many are falling into the perdition. We are the elect, but will we continue on his path or fall away? But if we do fall away, we can repent of our sins and come back to him.

Let us ask the Lord what he wants to root out of our lives and begin the new liturgical year well, with new resolve to pursue the narrow path.

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