Christ is risen!

Homily Series: Easter

April 21: We celebrate the joy of the resurrection of Jesus!

This is what it's all about. Everything we are as Christians is about the Resurrection. It is God's response to the depravity of the Fall. Adam and Eve lost our first innocence and there ensued a world of dread, lies, sin and pain. But, O Holy Fault!, that gave us such a wonderful Redeemer.

We have hope of heaven because Christ is risen and is alive, even now in our hearts, through our baptism. Each of us is precious to Him and He wants us to draw close to Him to receive the life that he has won for us.

We sin because we believe the lie that something bad will satisfy us or be good for us. Let us come to the water of life, give up our wayward ways and come to the Lord. Let us open ourselves to the power of Christ's resurrection in our lives!

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