Church crisis and our response

Homily Series: The Spiritual Battle

June 22: A prophetic homily on the crisis in the Church.

There is a great crisis in the Church. This happens every 500 years. Fr. Steve encourages us not to be troubled about what is happening. Many things that are radically unchristian are being tolerated and proclaimed by members of the Church and not condemned by the Church leaders and there is confusion about what is right and wrong.

Today we celebrate the feast of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More, who had the courage of their convictions and suffered martyrdom because of them. We need their courage in these times. Fr. Steve predicts that, as in the time of Arius, it may be that 1 out of every 50 bishops are faithful to the orthodox teaching of the Church. Let us be witnesses to the truth that can set us free. And let us not be distressed by what is happening.

In his post-communion comments Fr. Steve asks the question: why would God allow this crisis? God is allowing heretics to reveal themselves so that the Church can be purified. Let nothing trouble us. Let us be faithful and let us be martyrs for the truth, suffer well, and rejoice with Jesus in heaven!

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