December 22: Mr. Rogers and the Christmas spirit


Let love in and let love out

Fr. Steve makes the link between the invitation of the Christ child to love one another and the life of Mr. Rogers as depicted in the movie "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood."

He retells the story of the Annunciation through the eyes of both Mary and Joseph, describing their lives before and after their marriage and the discovery that Mary was with child. He reminds us not to judge but instead to empathize with others in their pain and difficulties.

Fr. Steve urges us to see with the eyes of God, the way Mr. Rogers did during his life. He quotes from the movie the wisdom of Mr. Rogers: "The biggest mistake parents make is that they forget what it was like to be children."

God continues to love us into existence even though we fail and sin. The Lord wants us to desire more not less, because he has so much more for us and he wants us to channel his love through us to others, even if we might look like we care too much.

As we gather at Christmas, let us look with eyes of love, empathy and compassion on everyone else, especially the relative we resent the most. The Lord wants to love them through us and never be afraid to be mocked for loving.

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