December 29: The feast of the Holy Family

Homily Series: The Power of Parents
Homily Series: Love is the Answer
Homily Series: Family Life

How families can grow in love and virtue

The laboratory of love is the family, where we are most vulnerable, most tender, most loving and most cruel. It is not easy to love those who are close to us. Fr. Steve shares his own experience of family relationships, the joys and the difficulties and invites us to ask the Holy Family to intercede for all of us in our family relationships.

The readings of the day are eminently practical and address the fundamental struggles of living loving relationships in families. If we honor our parents things will go well with us. When we don't, the opposite happens. The Colossians reading focuses primarily on the relationships with our fathers and mothers and Fr. Steve shares some of his own struggles in those relationships.

The Lord gives us grace to love and He cares about every relationship including those between husband and wife. The Holy Family are our model for how we should relate to each other in families. Let us enter into love and draw others there.

In his post-communion comments Fr. Steve addresses the issue of leadership and submission between husband and wife and exhorts us to work at these relationships and to be a light to the world which is in darkness. The more healed we are the more capable we are of loving others.

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