Divine Mercy Sunday

Homily Series: Easter

This Sunday we hear about Jesus’ mercy towards Thomas.

Jesus died on the cross for love of us and gave us the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of sins. When the Lord met his disciples after the resurrection he said, “Peace be with you.” And this is what we want too: peace. Confession is a wonderful gift to us.

In today’s Gospel we hear of Thomas doubting the Lord’s resurrection. Jesus had not appeared to Thomas along with the other disciples. He made him wait. And Jesus makes us wait too. And Thomas may have feared censure from Jesus. But Jesus did not reject him but accepted him. He met him where he needed to be met, in his unbelief. If we find it difficult to believe, there is hope for us. God is at work in us to draw us ever closer to him.

Often God allows bad things to happen because a greater good can come from them. The Lord does not want us to ignore grief, but to allow him to work through it. The story of the resurrection begins and ends in joy, but there is a lot of sorrow, anxiety, and fear in between. Like a brilliant mythical tale, which happens to be true. Judas gave into sadness and despaired.

Let us look at our lives and see how the Lord has transformed our sorrow and pain into joy. His hand is always at work for our good. Let us hold on to him, trusting that he knows us and loves us.

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