God rewards our generosity with abundance

Homily Series: Generosity

Feb 24: God is never outdone in generosity if we give.

Fr. Steve renews his appeal for tithing, reinforcing the biblical principle that the Lord gives blessings generously to those who are generous with the resources they have been given. All the money in the world belongs to Him and we should return to him a portion of whatever we have been given as a fragrant offering to the Lord. The ministry work in the parish is bearing much fruit and Fr. Steve conveys his infectious optimism and excitement about what more we could do if we had an increase in giving to the parish.

Judy Edwards, a long-standing parishioner, shares her testimony about the countless times God has blessed her financially and in other ways, because she and her husband decided to increase their financial support for the work that the Lord is doing in the parish and elsewhere. The donation of her "widow's mite" has resulted in clear financial benefits to her and her family as the Lord continues to bless her for her generosity.

Jesus urges us to give to the poor and to support the Lord's work wherever it may be needed.

Pledge cards are available in the pews and at the church exits, or you can make a pledge on this website by following this link:

Church of the Resurrection Generosity Challenge 2019

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