God's call to the priesthood

Homily Series: Priesthood

Feb 10: God can use the unworthy to serve in his ministry

The readings for today come together to show us how God works through the brokenness of Isaiah, Paul and Peter. But works this way in all of us.

  • Isaiah is afraid because he is a sinful man.
  • St. Paul deemed himself unworthy because, although he was a faithful Jew, he hated and persecuted the followers of The Way. He was an accessory to the murder of the first martyr, Stephen. But he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, was struck blind and cast from his high horse. “I am the greatest of sinners,” he says, “and unworthy to be called an apostle.”
  • When St. Peter sees the miraculous catch of fish, and he encounters the power of God, he is awed and humbled. Jesus says these words: “Do not be afraid.” And commissions him to become a fisher of men.

The message of today’s readings is that we should know our gifts and, even though we are unworthy, seek to be obedient to the Lord’s call.

Fr. Steve tells some of the story of his own call to the priesthood, which became clear to him, even though he had originally wanted to be married. The Lord convicted him that he was thinking about what he would have to give up as a priest rather than what he could offer. He encourages us to pray that the Lord will stir up men to serve the people of God through the priesthood.

In his post-communion comments Fr. Steve mentions and asks prayers for the upcoming convocation to discuss vocations, liturgy and the priestly life. He encourages parents that, if called to the priesthood, their son will find that he will become more himself than ever before and find fulfillment in that vocation.

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