God's Merciful Love

Homily Series: The Normal Christian Life

God's mercy is at work in and through you.

Fr. Steve repeats the message of the readings, that God is merciful; but God never gives us mercy on our terms, but on His. We will only understand the beauty of His ways at the end of the world when we will see our story through his eyes. Fr. Steve bears witness to God’s mercy in his own life with disarming candor and gives testimony to God’s unseen hand guiding the sometimes heartbreaking events of his life in a wonderful way, leading him towards his true vocation as a priest. God’s mercy is often inscrutable, but He meets each person with what they need, always steering them towards his heart of love. As Fr. Steve says in his conclusion: “God is at work; even if he seems remote and distant, he is still at work. His mercy is at work in and through you.”

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