Happy New Year!

Homily Series: The Normal Christian Life

January 1, 2018. Let 2018 be a year of blessings not curses.

Today we honor Mary, the mother of God. Her “yes” was the beginning of the existence of God as a man.

We feel love and gratitude to Mary for her acquiescence to God’s plan for her life, because that was the beginning of the coming of the messiah who sets us free from sin. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice we have the opportunity to live on up to our dignity as sons and daughters of God, so that we can be free of the impediments of the games we play to protect ourselves from the wound of living.

Every year and every relationship is full of blessings and challenges. We want to be blessed by the Lord who gives us peace. Let’s try to bless others in our turn. We are good at finding weaknesses and failures in others and in ourselves. We are adept at find fault where we should bless. But that is a path to real pain. Let’s catch each other doing good and praise that, rather than looking for errors. If we bless each other more we will be the better for it because blessings are powerful.

Let’s have 2018 be a year of love, gratitude and blessings. We will feel freer to live holy lives, because we will be living on up to our status as sons and daughters of God.

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