Let us enter into Holy Week

Homily Series: Lent

The cross is evidence of God's love for us.

The Lord is constant in his love. He is, in fact, Love. He redeems us from our sin. He even uses our sin for his glory. The crucifixion is evidence of that.

Peter denied Jesus three times. Whatever we have done to offend Jesus, there is still hope if we return to him. And the Lord wants to help us to return to him humbly.

Fr. Steve encourages us to spend as much time as possible this week in entering into the spirit of Holy week and attending church. He also encourages us to take advantage of the fact that many of our relatives and friends, at this time of year, may be open to discussing spiritual thing and perhaps even coming back to church.

Lastly, he asks prayers for the priests who will gather on Holy Thursday to renew their priestly promises.

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