Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ

Homily Series: Source & Summit

"The highest form of worship for Christians."

This weekend, Fr. Steve highlights the essential Eucharistic character of Christian worship, and underscores the two millennia-old tradition of receiving Jesus from the Ambo and the Altar, i.e., from the Liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist. In my homily I should have made clearer that the Mass is, objectively speaking, the highest form of worship for Christians, for it is the Source and Summit of the Christian Life (Vatican II). All other worship of Christ (e.g., praise & worship, charismatic prayer, etc.), even if it may at times be subjectively more meaningful to us or someone else, draws its power from the Sacrifice of the Mass, which is the atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross made present in our midst.

At the end of Mass, Fr. Steve discusses some changes in our middle school staff and program, and announces that Brian Fink will be expanding his work at our parish and will be teaching in our middle school, beginning in the fall.

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