November 24: Jesus Christ the King of the Universe

Homily Series: Jesus Christ

We are ​Co-Heirs with Him of All the Lord has Promised

Today, Fr. Steve preaches today about the paradoxes of the Kingdom of God, and invites us all to honor Christ the King in every aspect of our lives. The way to do so is by loving what He loved from the Cross and hating what He hated from the Cross. The Cross (and suffering for Christ) is the lens through which we must understand every aspect of our lives.

It is very tempting to see everything, including the culture wars, from the perspective of power, but Christ's Kingdom is not of this world, and it does not proceed by earthly power. God is able to use (and does use) suffering to accomplish His purposes.

In the context of politics, we do what we can in terms of prudent action, but we need to make sure that we remain faithful to Christ. The call is to faithfulness, not success.

p.s. Fr. Steve acknowledged how the Lord has invited him to greater humility as a result of current events in the Church in his homily from yesterday.

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