Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Homily Series: Conversion

Do we listen to his voice – and if so, how?

The feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

To the extent that he is Lord of our lives, we will not sin. Jesus became a King by allowing us to kill him. He took the position of a servant, to be crucified, and raised from the dead, thus allowing God the Father to exalt him as a king.

“Are you a king. The king of the Jews?” Pilate asks. Jesus tells Pilate that he is a king, but not of this world. His kingship is beyond our understanding. What does it mean to be king of the universe? We cannot comprehend it, but instinctively we know that its meaning is monumental, momentous, massive.

To the extent that we are free, we will make choices that please God the Father. How do we spend our time? How do we relate to our family - our employees, our employer? How do we love? How do we deal with screen time in our lives? How do we use our time?

We should teach our kids by example how to live our faith – little things, like family prayer, through saying grace before meals at home and abroad. Let’s take our faith seriously.

We may have secret sins. But the Lord wants to root it out and heal it. Let us put to death the death within us. The Lord wants to free us from our patterns of sins.

We are approaching Advent. He came among us, ultimately to die on the cross. Let us pull back from screen time and take time to pray.

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