Paul corrects Peter, the first pope

Homily Series: Speaking the Truth

Pray that the Pope and bishops will be true to the gospel.

In todays' Gospel Jesus's message is that God is not up there with a clipboard waiting for us to do something wrong, He is a father who loves us. He is "Abba," the nearest translation of which in English is “Daddy.”

In the first reading we hear of Paul confronting Peter to admonish him for holding back from associating with Gentiles, on the advice of James who led the church in Jerusalem. Peter, the first pope, was not without sin, just as our present pope is not without sin. Often we do things because we fear the opinion of others, rather than holding to what is right. There is a time when priests and bishops can challenge even the pope if he is in error. Let us pray for the Holy Father and his collaborator bishops that they will be true to the gospel and hand that truth on to the rest of the Church.

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