November 17: Reflections on Church & State Politics


Let us live not by lies, but with integrity. Always.

Fr. Steve reflects on the recent gathering of the United States Bishops in Baltimore and the divisions that are evident within the Church. He then spends time talking about the divisive, demonizing political discourse that is very evident on cable news and in the current impeachment hearings and discussion around it. The bishops were focused on preparing Catholics for 2020, and Fr. Steve reflected on the problematic situation we find ourselves in at present.

The entire Democratic slate of candidates is pro-abortion and embraces the LGBTQ+ agenda and the Transgender myth that we can define our own sex or "gender identity." To support the democrats would be in a very real sense to live by lies.

But Fr. Steve did not merely discuss concerns about the Democratic candidates. Referencing the ongoing impeachment hearings, he warned supporters/apologists of President Trump not to accept (much less to defend) anything the president says (or tweets) and does simply because he appoints judges and enacts some policies that accord with pro-life positions. Fr. Steve warns that paybacks are you-know-what, and we may find that our children and grandchildren will be less likely to embrace the truth as we understand it if we defend the president's actions, without acknowledging (or acting to change) his problematic behaviors.

We are called to be salt, light, and leaven, to work for the true common good. Fr. Steve recommended, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn famously said, that we "live not by lies."

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