Rejoice and be glad

Homily Series: Teaching Authority of the Church

The proof that we know Jesus is if we keep his commandments.

Jesus had to suffer and die and be raised again. Everything in the bible can only be fully understood through the lens of the incarnation of Jesus. Jesus says to the terrified disciples, “Peace be with you.” He brings peace because he came for the forgiveness of sins.

Fr. Steve then led the congregation in praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

We know Jesus if we keep his commandments. That is the proof that we love him. Loving God and our neighbor is the proof of our relationship with Jesus. John says in the second reading, “Those who say they know Jesus but do not keep his commandments are liars and the truth is not in them.”

We need to let the word of God in. We should read the bible and the catechism regularly because we need to let the water of the word wash over us and allow the Lord to illumine our hearts. Instead, we may be more addicted to our news feed than to the word of God.

Fr. Steve referred to Pope Francis’s recent Apostolic Exhortation “Gaudete et Exultate.” ("Rejoice and Be Glad") There are some problems with the ambiguity in this exhortation, which mean it can be interpreted in a way that goes against the traditional teaching of the Church. Some in the Church, especially in Western Europe, are using the pope’s writings to bolster the view that the Church needs to “get with the times.” Instead, we need to remain faithful.

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