The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Homily Series: Church News

Sat June 29: A repudiation of worldly teaching in the Church

Fr. Steve warns of potentially heretical teaching emerging in the Church and mounts a stout defense of the truth as handed down by the Apostles. He refers to the Instrumentum Laboris document that has been issued in preparation for the Pan-amazonian Synod which is due to take place in October this year and quotes from an article by Eduardo J. Echeverria, which, in part, states:

The Synod document warns against the absolutizing of any creed, which the authors of this document claim results in the failure to recognize other ways in which God makes himself known, and consequently closes salvation off to others who profess different creeds. (no.39) It claims that one discovers his “identity from the encounter with the other, from the differences and coincidences that show us the inscrutability of the reality and mystery of the presence of God.” (no. 40) It warns us that “respectful listening” to the other “does not impose formulations of faith expressed with other cultural referents that do not respond to their lived reality.” (no. 120) Hence, the Synod document states, “Love lived in any religion pleases God.”

(The full article can be found HERE.)

Fr. Steve encourages us not to lose heart in the midst of the current battle, but to trust in God, hold fast to the truth, and do our part by living holy lives and fearlessly spreading the good news of the gospel - for which the early martyrs, including Saints Peter and Paul, died.

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