The gifts of the Spirit

Homily Series: The Gifts of the Spirit

We have all received gifts for the building up of the body

In today’s Gospel Jesus is unable to perform mighty deeds in his hometown because of their lack of faith. God will do mighty deeds if we let him, but won’t if we have no faith. He voluntarily limits his power because he does not want to override our free will.

Each of us has gifts to use for the building up of the body and we need to find ways of training ourselves how to use them. Maybe we resist because we don’t trust him. We have each received the Holy Spirit. We are anointed priest, prophet and king. We offer ourselves as a living sacrifice as priest. We exercise self-control as king and have a responsibility for the earth. But we are also prophets, i.e. those who speak forth the word of God.

Fr. Steve encourages everyone to attend the Two-day Equipping that is taking place on August 3-4. He goes on to relate several instances of the use of “words of knowledge,” and how to listen to what message the Lord has for someone. In addition, he cites several physical and inner healings that have taken place recently at parish events.

Jesus is alive and he cares about us. He gives us gifts so we can serve one another. Do we have enough faith to believe that we have those gifts?

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