The laborers are few

Homily Series: Evangelization

July 7: We are all laborers in His kingdom

As Jesus says, “The harvest is rich, but the laborers are few.” Nevertheless, all of us are laborers in the kingdom. At the end of each Mass we are called and sent out to announce the gospel of the Lord.

Fr. Steve compares our relationship with the Lord to ballroom dancing, in which He leads and we follow. The Lord wants us to be free to respond to his promptings, that the people in the world might be drawn to Him through us. The Lord wants us to be free, not for license, but to do his will – which is true freedom. St. Paul talks about dying to the flesh so that we can live in this Spirit of true freedom. He is concerned about the Galatians because they are stuck in the Jewish law instead of taking on the message of the gospel.

We are laborers in the vineyard, but the Lord does not want us to try to bible-bash people into conversion. What he asks of us is to offer them the good news and if they are open they will receive it, otherwise we move on, shaking the dust from our feet.

But what about us? Have we assimilated the good news ourselves? If we feed ourselves on worldly things we will become more worldly. Do we feed on what can truly satisfy us?

Let us look for ways to let the Lord lead in our lives. Let us die to our own will and yield ourselves to his guiding hand.

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