The priesthood and the Eucharist

Homily Series: Source & Summit

The true bread that came down from heaven

Fr. Steve reads Bishop Boyea's letter to parishes in response to the clergy abuse crisis (the full text can be found in this week's bulletin). He comments that these sins will no doubt discourage young men who may have a vocation from entering the priesthood, so he exhorts those men to answer the Lord's call to become priests. Only a priest can absolve sins and change bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. The Church needs priests.

The bread of life discourse in the readings today tell us of the tremendous power and sweetness of the eucharist. Fr. Steve testifies to the power of the eucharist in his life by sharing his own story. In the Gospel, Jesus offers himself to us as the "true bread that came down from heaven." As the Lord revealed himself to the disciples at Emmaus in the breaking of the bread, so he reveals himself to us in the same way.

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