The rich young man

Homily Series: Evangelization

What is a rival to the Lord in your life?

Fr. Steve reminds us that we all have to be saints in order to get into heaven. But to be saints we have to give, not 20%, 30%, or 50%, but 100%. Today’s Gospel tells the story of the rich young man whom Jesus wanted to sell everything he had, give it to the poor, and follow him. “The Lord looked at him and loved him.” Jesus knew that what was holding him back was attachment to worldly possessions.

Jesus is not condemning wealth. We may have no money and love money. Some of us have other gods in our lives, things that take the rightful place of Our Lord. Our call is to follow the Lord, but we can’t do that while we are holding on to something that rivals our commitment to him.

Bishop Boyea is inviting us to become missionary disciples. Fr. Steve quotes extensively from Evangelii Nuntiandi, which urges us to give to others what we, ourselves, have – the good news. But we cannot give what we don’t have so we need to be converted before we can convert others. People are more likely to listen to witnesses, not teachers. But if they do listen to teachers it is because they are also witnesses. Evangelization is the true nature and identity of the Church.

Fr. Steve encourages us to examine our hearts to discover what is the rival to the Lord in our lives.

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