The silence of the pope

Homily Series: Accountability
Homily Series: Clergy Abuse Crisis

Let us walk in the ancient paths of holiness.

Fr. Steve refers once again to the recent allegations by Archbishop Viganò against senior prelates and even the pope that they refused to act even though they knew about ex-Cardinal McCarrick's depredations. Fr. Steve quotes from an article by Simcha Fisher. In it this young Catholic woman gives two possible scenarios to explain Pope Francis’s silence about these accusations: either he is being shielded by his advisor from the seriousness or factuality of Archbishop Viganò’s challenge, as though he were in a “bubble”; or he is willfully refusing to respond because he might implicate himself or damage further the reputation of the hierarchy. Fr. Steve asks the question, “Why won’t the pope speak? Why won’t he open up the files containing evidence about abuse cases in the Church?”

Simcha Fisher’s article says that the pope’s attitude mirrors, disturbingly, that of an abuser. "I am not saying he is an abuser," she says, "but he sounds like one." We must pray and fast so that the hierarchy of the Church, including the pope, will reveal the truth about the abuse scandal in transparency, and grow in holiness instead of conforming to worldly standards.

Fr. Steve quotes from Jeremiah 6: 8-19, which accuses Israel of its sins and describes the punishment it should receive.

He then quotes from Isaiah 35:1-10. These are words of hope that the Lord will restore peace to his people.

Despite the trauma of the daily revelations, this is an exciting time of purification for the Church, when all will be made new and the truth will rise triumphant!

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