The widow's mite

Homily Series: Generosity

Fr. Mathias Thelen does a "pulpit swap" with Fr. Steve!

Fr. Mathias Thelen visits the Church of the Resurrection, while our own pastor, Fr. Steve, visits Fr. Thelen's parish, St. Patrick's in Brighton for a "pulpit swap."

Fr. Mathias references the incident in today's Gospel where Jesus, watching the place at the temple in Jerusalem where people were making financial contributions, praises a widow who contributed her whole livelihood. He contrasts this with the scribes and rich donors who give what they have left over and expect the praise of men.

Fr. Mathias challenges us, in our relationship with the Lord, to give our whole selves. He stresses that this not only applies to financial contributions to the Church, but to our time, our prayer, our intellect and the focus of our lives. We should do this because God will never let us down; he will always provide for us - and provide much better for us in body, mind, and spirit, than we can provide for ourselves.

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