Will you let him heal you?

Homily Series: Healing

We are all lepers, but Jesus loves to heal us.

The Gospel today talks about a man with leprosy whom Jesus healed. No one wants to receive pity, but Jesus had pity on the leper. We are all wounded and Jesus loves to heal us. We are all lepers, outcasts and Jesus loves sinners. The leper said, “If you want to you can make me clean.” Jesus replied, “I do will it,” and healed the leper. Jesus touched the man even though he was unclean and would have contaminated himself by that act. Jesus is not afraid to touch our mess and our uncleanness.

Fr. Steve refers to the healing he received at a retreat in Florida last your at the John Paul II Healing Center, stating that he cannot stop talking about it. He then goes on to refer to the Healing Encounter last evening during which the host was displayed in the monstrance. During the service, Chris Spalding talked about his own experience of the presence of God, and his various experiences of God physically healing people through him. Fr. Steve also related that among other healings that took place at the service, at the level of the heart, there were also at least two remarkable physical healings that we know about. Fr. Steve received word from the Lord during the service regarding two people present whom he wanted to heal: someone who had something wrong with their left eye; and a woman who had a tumor on her tongue. Both of these conditions were miraculously healed during the service.

God is alive and he cares about our hearts. But he won’t heal unless we ask him to. We need to tell him that we need him. Will you let him heal you, for your own sake, for our sake and for the glory of God?

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