What are Altar Society Circles?

Nov 22, 2019

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Rosary Circle
This circle was formed in 1942 to foster friendships and support women. They meet once a month on Wednesday afternoons where they enjoy dessert, pray the Rosary, and play Euchre. This is a "retired" circle and some members are also members of "active" circles.
Circle President: Carol Doll

St. Anne Circle
This circle leads the parish Card Ministry program, which sends cards to the homebound. This circle supports the Altar Society and other parish fundraisers through donations and volunteer time. They coordinate the concession stand at the Indoor Rummage Sale. Ladies of the Circle participate in most Altar Society events. We meet a few times a year (often on Thursday evenings).
Circle President: Mickie Kreft

St. Blaise Circle
This circle was formed over 55 years ago, but is now inactive. Ladies in this circle still meet occasionally for fellowship. Although it is an inactive circle, the women support the Altar Society functions through attendance.

St. Christopher Circle
We communicate though emails and meet as needed (about 3 times per year) during Coffee & Donuts after the 9:00am Mass. We organize the Parish Baby Shower to benefit two local, pro-life pregnancy support organizations. We provide desserts for funerals for 4 months of the year, as well as workers to support other functions of the Altar Society (rummage sale, decorating the church, etc.). We encourage members to participate in Altar Society activities.
Circle President: Kathy Schaefer

St. Francis Circle
Since the beginning, we have worked on decorating the altar for the seasons and Holy Days. Our big projects are Christmas and Easter seasons. We order flowers, make time to decorate the altar and maintain plants and flowers through the seasons. We support the Welcome Potluck, donate desserts for funeral luncheons, and help with fundraisers (especially the indoor rummage sale). We communicate mostly through emails.
Circle President: Cindi Currie

St. Mary Magdalene Circle
This circle was formed in 1993. We communicate though email, and on occasion over dinner in a local restaurant. We serve at the Ox Roast Festival and donate to the school auction to support parish-wide events. We also provide desserts for funeral luncheons and help with all Altar Society fundraisers by providing volunteers. This circle organizes the Casino Bus Trip, another fundraiser.
Circle President: Sue Anne Garvie

Funeral Coordinator: Marcia Pate

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