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Father Steve Mattson on Mar 6, 2021

This weekend is the time the diocese is asking all of us to take some time to prayerfully make a pledge for the Diocesan Services Appeal. I want to invite you all to join me in support of the 2021 Diocesan Services Appeal – “The word of God is at work in you who believe.” This scripture text from the first letter of Paul to the Thessalonians affirms a fundamental truth and teaching of the Catholic Church – the word of God is alive here and now, it is active in you and in the work of all who believe. Thanks be to God for His Holy Word!

Our Diocesan Services Appeal (DSA) parish goal this year is $96,346.

Our DSA support helps support many aspects of ministry, and, this year, I'm especially grateful for the support the diocese offers to seminarians. As you may know, we are blessed to have three seminarians this year, and another young man is discerning the call, as well. The work of the diocese in so many areas has been effective this year, and I am grateful and thankful to God and to Bishop Boyea and his team for their wonderful support through this past year, and the foresight that they have exhibited in very important contemporary issues.

Stimulus III
I just learned that the $1.9 Trillion (!) Covid Relief bill passed the Senate, so, for many of us, "Uncle Sam" will be sending along stimulus checks. One way to help us make our DSA goal, as I mentioned last weekend, is for those of us, like myself, who receive a stimulus check and don't actually need it to contribute some (or all) of those funds to good causes. One option would be for individuals to tithe the stimulus checks, which would be to give/pledge 10 percent of the stimulus funds. For an individual, that would be $260, ten percent of $2600. Couples could, using the "tithe" formula, potentially give twice that much. As I mentioned last week, I'm planning to give 50% of my stimulus amount, plus my regular donation. I'm doing that, and encouraging others to do that because I very much want our parish to be able to meet our goal this year. Please prayerfully consider joining me in making a pledge, if only to show our parish support for the courageous leadership of Bishop Boyea.

Pledge Forms and Envelopes are Available at the Exits
You can fill out the pledge sheet and turn it in at the office, mail it in, or drop it in one of the offertory drop boxes located in the vestibule and northeast entrance to the church. Please also note that the new gray drop box is low to the ground to easily allow children to offer their gifts and offerings, as well. Others can also, of course, use that drop box. Thanks!

Giving Online
You can also, of course, pledge online. Thanks in advance for your gift.

With gratitude for your support of the parish and the diocese,

Father Steve

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