Formation Course 2, "Holiness & Wholeness"

Feb 25, 2020

Formation Course 2 on April 30, May 7 & 14

In this course we explore the kind of life God wants for us and potential barriers to living that life. God wants us to be holy as He is holy and yet, as we grow into union with Him, the wounds and hurts of the past can creates obstacles. The talks in this course explain how to address these difficulties, how to find relief from the distress they cause and how to find healing and grow into wholeness and holiness.

There is no need to register for this course since it will be presented in video form on this website and on our Formation Course YouTube Channel, on the following dates.

Talk 1 | Trauma and Neglect | Liz O'Neill | April 30

Talk 2 | Forgiveness | Fr. Steve Mattson | May 7

(Handout for Talk 2) (Audio of an earlier talk by Fr. Steve includes an Elaborated "Forgiveness Process")

Talk 3 | Brokenness & Wholeness | Sean O'Neill | May 14

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