Formation Course 3: "Love of God & Neighbor"

Jun 9, 2020

Learn more about Formation Course 3 on July 23, 30 & Aug 6

Formation Course 3, entitled “Love of God & Neighbor” will be held at 7pm on July 23, 30, and August 6, 2020. The Formation Course will be held in the Church and will be open for people to attend in person. It will also be live-streamed.

This course explores what it means to obey the two great commandments: to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Taking as its starting point the supreme example of Jesus who loved perfectly both God and man, the talks delve into the true meaning of loving oneself and practical ways of loving God and those whom he has given us to love.

The 3 talks are entitled:
Talk 1 | The example of Jesus
Talk 2 | Loving yourself appropriately
Talk 3 | The balance of love

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Here are the prayers that were used in the first talk:
Prayer For An Enemy & Concluding Prayer
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