Healing Testimony

Sep 30, 2017

Testimonies from the Healing the Whole Person Retreat

The "Healing the Whole Person" Retreat took place in September, 2017, at the Church of the Resurrection. Here are just some of the comments that participants made in evaluating their experience of the retreat:

"God met me in physical healing. Although I did not raise my hand for prayer, in the midst of chronic pain and need for physical healing, I am afraid to ask for it (the reason is yet to be discerned). But I experienced physical relief in my elbow joints – just a foretaste of the healing he has in store for me."

"God helped me to receive love from him, which I feel unworthy to receive. He also helped me recognize several lies I have been agreeing with, and helped me to forgive myself for my imperfections."

"I was very worried that I would be left in the same spiritual space. Much to the contrary, I felt inner peace – something I have been without for a very long time. I am moving forwards forgiving people who wounded my spirit as a little girl and as a woman. I can now identify with the parable in the bible of the forgiving ‘slave/landowner’ towards the one who could not forgive who owed him money. I have more forgiveness work to do, but I am loved anyway."

"I struggle a lot with the wound of rejection – that I’m not good enough. During my prayer, I felt God telling me, “You are good enough.” And I imagined him walking through the church stretching out his hands to us, offering healing and love."

"I came into this retreat with low expectations – I came because my wife asked me to. I have been on a low spiritual plane for a long time and didn’t expect that to change. But today the message of healing clicked and I identified a deep wound and felt healing begin!"

"I received deep healing in the area of forgiveness. I forgave someone who deeply wounded me and changed my life forever in a painful way. Sr. Miriam (every talk she gave) pierced my heart. I am a victim of sexual abuse and rape. I am an alcoholic… Her life was my life. Her story is my story. I thank God for her. She is truly his instrument."

"This experience was blessed. I cried/teared up through most of it. I know a lot of my wounds, as the Lord has spend the last two years working through my purification. But he has revealed other layers I must bring to him. Many say tears are healing. Well I received the gift of tears, so I know he was working on my roundedness."

"SO beautiful and SO powerful, is how I describe my experience through this Healing the Whole Person Retreat. There were many awakenings in my heart, beautiful realizations that our wonderful speakers brought into the light. It was made so clear that we identify ourselves and relate to others out of our BROKENNESS, but God sees us as His beautiful sons and daughters, in whom He delights! I was truly awakened to Who I am, What I have, and What I am called to do. Bart, Kim and Fr. Steve did this beautiful sculpting exercise of the Trinity. “Jesus” and the “Holy Spirit” had their heads together right at God’s heart, and they were all in a very tight and loving embrace. It brought tears and goosebumps, and warmth to my soul. All of this LOVE, that God has designed for us to be a part of, with our spouses and families, was so beautiful to witness. It felt so tangible, so real."

"I had very specific wounds from my younger years, that God brought into the light. I saw others who hurt me, also in the light of our Father’s eyes. We prayed out loud a beautiful and powerful forgiveness prayer. I look forward to more FREEDOM, and less suffering and pain from past wounds. So many tools we have been given. My journey is just beginning."

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