Join the New "Catholicism 101" Course!

Jan 8, 2020

Doctrine & Donuts each Sunday, starting Sunday 2/2!

Beginning February 2, Brian Fink, our Middle School Religion & History teacher and a member of the parish formation team, will be offering a weekly course entitled “Catholicism 101: Introduction to Catholic Thought & Theology.” The course is designed to introduce (or re-introduce) participants to the foundational principles, major content, doctrinal truths, and rich beauty of Catholic teaching. The goal of the course is to provide participants with an opportunity to enrich their understanding and love of the Catholic faith and to grapple with the timeless truths of Church teaching, even and especially when that truth bristles against modern culture.

The course will occur weekly, between the 9am and 11am Sunday masses in Mercy Hall. We will gather in the cafeteria while Coffee & Donuts is going on. Grab a donut, send your kids to the playground, and join us for this great opportunity to learn more about our rich faith!


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