Pater Noster at Mass

Mar 11, 2020

As I mentioned last weekend, throughout Lent, we will be singing the Pater Noster, which is the Latin Our Father. We will practice this before Mass this weekend. It is wonderful to be able to pray together in Latin. At the Wednesday Audience and the Sunday Angelus in Rome, that is how the pope leads those gathered to pray the prayer that Jesus taught us. The music for the chanted version of the Pater Noster can be found on page 86 of the St. Michael Hymnal. As I mentioned last weekend, as well, in order to minimize the spreading of germs (whether coronavirus or other germs), we will not be exchanging the sign of peace until further notice. I am likely to eliminate the holy water fonts as well, just to be on the safe side, in terms of germ transmission. Let’s pray for all those, especially where the virus is causing tremendous disruption, that the Lord would protect and heal, and bring all citizens of the world to repentance.

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