School-Age Family Survey: Part-time School Options for K-8

Feb 29, 2020

Please complete the Survey by Sunday, March 15th

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As school enrollment continues to grow, we are happily faced with the challenge of figuring out how best to meet the needs of families in our parish and community for the schooling of their children. In order to wisely contemplate future growth, we would like to get more information from the families in our parish and community about potential (or real) desire to partner with us for the education of their children. One thing that has motivated us to send out this survey is the fact that some parish families have asked us whether we would ever consider offering, in addition to our full-time program, a part-time program for families who are currently (or are planning on) home-schooling. We are in the beginning stages of exploring that possibility. Details of what it would look like remain to be determined, such as the particular days of the week we would offer different grades, what exactly the curriculum would comprise, and, of course, the cost.

At this point, we are wanting to gauge existing and future potential interest in the views of current school families, parish families who are home-schooling or using public schools, and families in the broader community who might be interested in partnering with us for the education of their children.

We invite all families with school-age children (or younger) to complete this survey. The results will help us determine the potential interest families at our parish and in the greater Lansing area might have for partnering with our school in coming years.

Please note that we are committed to retaining our full-time program, which will continue to run 8:00-3:00 PM, Monday - Friday, as currently configured. A potential part-time program would run 8:00-3:00 PM schedule two days a week, with supplemental lessons completed at home under the direction of parents or family members.

Costs for this potential part-time program would naturally be lower than full-time tuition, but for logistical reasons we are not yet able to say for certain how much that would be. Based on the response from the survey, we will have a better sense of future needs, and will then be able to develop a tuition structure.

If you would, please complete the survey by Sunday, March 15th. Please also feel free to let other families know about this survey who are not members of our parish but might be interested in either part-time or full-time schooling in coming years.

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