What is Compline?

Sep 30, 2019

Learn more about Compline at Resurrection

Compline (from the word for “completion”), the last liturgy of prayers of the day, has been prayed in monasteries since the 6th century. It is prayed at our parish on (usually) the 1st Sunday of the month.

Under musical director David Stattelman, the Schola approaches chanting Compline from the medieval style and perspective, that is, a fluid style with strong emphasis on conveying the meaning of the text and often with the addition vocal drones. The result is an experience listeners describe as “ethereal” and “contemplative”.

What to expect: The church will be darkened. There will be print-outs at the South and East entrances you may use as a guide; this will have both the Latin and English. You may follow along with the guide or simply sit and listen. People of any faith are welcome to attend.

View this video of Compline at the Resurrection Chant Facebook page.

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