Why am I blogging?

Father Steve Mattson on Dec 3, 2020

As anyone who attends the Church of the Resurrection or joins us by livestream knows, when I preach I preach to myself. Of course, I also “invite” others to listen in. I preach that way because I know that I need to continually remind myself of the truth, and to call myself deeper into the life of discipleship. I also know that my message is relevant at least to one person: myself.

I have been told and I think it’s true that one of my spiritual gifts is prophecy. It feels “natural” to me to declare the truth in clear and (hopefully) charitable ways with parishioners and others who might be open to hearing what I have to say.

Sometimes, though, I have to admit my homilies have been overly focused on strategic responses to concerns that arise in the political and cultural realms. Though I strive always to highlight the Good News that we find in Christ, and how that should guide our responses to the circumstances and challenges of our time, I’m convinced that some of the reflections I have shared during homilies might be more fitting for a blog or perhaps a podcast than a homily.

So I’m going to give this a try. It provides me a chance to address concerns that the Lord has placed on my heart in a context that allows people to engage with my reflections in ways not possible, for obvious reasons, during a homily.

The blog is called “Come what may” because I have often find myself uttering those words in homilies where I’m addressing prophetic concerns about where things are headed in our world and the Church. In my heart of hearts, I desire all Christians to remain faithful to the Gospel and to bear witness to the truth . . . come what may. Come whatever may.

These are challenging times. Uncertain times. But they are also the times that we–each and every one of us–are privileged to live. I suspect that the challenges of living our faith are bound to increase. So, as things develop, I’ll be blogging, addressing current events as well as eternal realities, and muse together with you about how we might respond . . . as faithful Catholic Christians.

Whatever else, our call as believers, as Catholics, is to be faithful disciples, come what may. Come whatever may.

I invite you to tag along, and to chime in, should you wish.

Please keep me in prayer. I’ll pray for you, as well.

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