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From Fr. Steve about Talk 5:

This past week, during the talk, I mentioned how we can hear things from the Lord. I wish I had been able to take more time, both to develop things more and to get to some of the other gifts. For now, here are a few additional comments.

  • First, when we ask the Lord to speak to us, we need to know that He can speak to us, but that whatever we “hear Him say” needs to be discerned. In other words, the evil one and our own spirit can speak to us. We can also “get it wrong.” Our sense is not infallible, and we need to be careful to put too much stock in “the Lord told me . . .” We can use His gifts in ways that He does not recommend. It requires discernment, as all things do.
  • Second, when we get a word or image, it is well to ask the Lord to help us understand the meaning, and then to ask the person if it has meaning for them. We are not able to infallibly apply these words, but the Lord can and does give them to us as a source of encouragement and to build us up together as a body.
  • Third, discernment is important in the use of this gift, as in all the other gifts, and others in the Body of Christ can help us discern, even as the Lord in the interior of our hearts can give us peace as we contemplate His love for us and for others.
  • Fourth, as with all the gifts, we need to exercise them with the goal of loving God and loving our neighbor, not in any way to “show off” or to draw attention to ourselves.
  • Fifth, some of you had (or have) questions. Please talk with me about them. I’m happy to address them.
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