Young Families & Couples

Resurrection Young Families and Couples exists to promote Christ-centered families by providing social and spiritual activities that serve as a platform for relationship-building, mutual support, and fellowship. Our focus is on the needs and issues of newly married couples and families with children, newborn to 8th grade.

How we got started...
About three years ago, we noticed young families and couples looking for a place to belong. We saw a need, planned our first picnic, and we're still rolling.

Who can join?
Any young couples, or parents with kids (newborn to 8th grade). Our families are a part of the parish, school, preschool and/or homeschool communities.

How big is our group?
We have about 100 people in our Facebook group, but anywhere from 5 to 20 families come to any particular event.

Do we have to commit? We're very busy.
No. Just show up as you please. Occasionally, we need RSVPs for food counts.

Is there a cost?
No. The occasional event suggests donations to offset costs, but we do not want that to ever hinder anyone from participating!

How do we start?
Send a message using the link above and join our Facebook group to be added to our email list. Event information is also available in the bulletin, school and preschool flyers, and at the back of the church.

Resurrection Families 2023-2024 Schedule

Fall Party and Rosary Hike
Host: Helena Clark

Women's and Middle school girls' wreath making night
Host: Jackie Kerr

Folk Dancing
Host: Genevieve Priest

Couples game night
Host: Brenda DeFord

Family Stations of the Cross and meatless potluck
Host: TBD

Easter Monday egg hunt (parish hall, playground)
Host: Kara Schneible

MAY 19
Pentecost party
Host: TBD

For more information, please contact Liz O'Neill ([email protected]) or visit the Resurrection Moms Facebook Page.

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